What we do: 1.  Manufacture blow moulded containers. 2.  Manufacture injection moulded closures for our containers.  3.  Supply Induction Heat Sealing Wads.  4.  Provide different kinds of services to our customers: o Labelling:  Silk Screen printing  PVC Shrink Sleeve  Paper Labels   Self-adhesive labels - applied both  automatically and manually.  Apply Heat Transfer labels  o Palletize and stretch-wrap containers.  o Responsible for getting moulds manufactured for our  customers both locally (ensuring containers / closures  manufactured from these moulds are of international  standards) and abroad that are manufactured to  acceptable quality levels.  cbm plastics specializes in the manufacture of mono-layer and multi-layer (4 and 5-layer) blow moulded containers using  co-extrusion technology. Containers manufactured by cbm range from 25-ml to 250-litres, Multi-layered (4-layer)  containers for agro-chemicals range from 50-ml to 5-litre jerry cans.  Co-Extrusion Technology:  Co-extrusion is blow moulding technology created multifunctional hollow container made of traditional plastics for  packaging materials, by upgrading commodity type raw material (HDPE-high density polyethylene). Co-extrusion makes  it possible to have containers ranging from 3-6 layers, which are suitable replacement for traditional glass, aluminum  and tinplate packaging material.  Co-ex containers manufactured by cbm are 4-layer containers for pesticides and 5-layer for ketchup and other food  packaging products. 
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